What Items Come with Fit-N-5?

1). What does fitness mean to you as a woman in her 60s?

It means keeping my body moving, healthy and rested. I think about taking care of myself so that my children don’t have to for as long as possible. It used to be based on looking good. But now, it’s about health and wellness. But if I look good then that’s a bonus.

2). What fitness information did you learn from FitN5?

My body type is a mix of mesomorph and endomorph which means I gain muscle easier, but my metabolism is slower and getting lean is a bit harder for me. The book got me excited to try new things and to ensure that my diet was a good one for my body type. Also I learned about macros and I have to say I’m still working on that. Also, the part about how to read labels was great.

3). What do you like most about FitN5?

I like that it’s easy to understand and follow. I also like that there are examples of meals and workouts, that was encouraging. Also, I liked that it is created by an accomplished athlete and someone who knows the ropes.

4). What advice would you give other women who want to lift weights but are afraid to lift?

I would say to start off with the most information you can. If you can afford a trainer who can show you the correct way to exercise so that you have the correct posture and things. Also, if bulking is a fear, don’t. Push yourself in the gym but always listen to your body. It is also important to have a reason. The best one is one that is for self, not for someone else. Like I said I push so that I can maintain my independence as long as I can. Find your why and just go for it.

5). How do you feel and look after using FitN5?

Well the first thing was getting rid of what I called the belly ring. You know that fat in the lower abdomen that just never goes away. I noticed a difference a few weeks in. I have to work hard because of my thyroid disease. I can be almost where I want to be and here comes the thyroid change that halts the progress. But I find incentives to keep on going and this book was a part of that. I also learned that I am my worst critic. Now I look in the same mirror and smile as I look at the positive instead. I feel great and according to my husband, I don’t look too bad either. Lol. 

6). Would you recommend FitN5 to others?

Yes ma’am! It’s a great place to start, a positive and helpful way to understand what is needed to succeed in the kitchen and gym to set out and meet your health goals.