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4 Tips for Healthy Eating on the Go

Whether you’re traveling for business or on the go around your home, you don’t need to give up healthy eating simply because you are busy. The fact is, healthy eating is even more important when you’re trying to keep up with a busy schedule and multiple demands!

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You Count Too: 6 Tips to Invest in Your Health Now

As a “Strong Black” woman you have been taught that being strong on a consistent basis is a good thing. In more ways than one is this cultural norm leading to poor health outcomes for Black women including increases in mental, physical and emotional burnout. Learning how to take time for self-care shows the world that your health and well-being matter too.

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You Can’t Spot Reduce? 3 Reasons Why You Can’t Burn Fat Only in One Area

You Can’t Spot Reduce: 3 Reasons Why You Can’t Burn Fat Only in One Area

Burning stubborn body fat is possible if you know how to use stored body fat as energy and how to increase your energy expenditure through regular physical activity or exercise. However, you can’t spot reduce or instruct your body to only burn fat in one area of your body. Biologically, your body uses stored fat cells as energy based on the demands you place on your body.

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Healthy Mindset, Mindful Eating, Mindfulness, Healthy Eating Tips

Change Your Mind, Change Your Eating Habits: 6 Steps To Shift Your Mind Towards Healthier Eating and Living

Do you think about what you’re thinking about when it comes to what you eat? Your thoughts about how you see food and healthy nutrition could be the reason you struggle with healthy eating. By becoming more mindful of your thoughts, you can change your thought patterns and behavior changes which re both key to long-term and sustainable health outcomes.

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