Who Are

At Well Content 4 U, we like to call ourselves health changers! That’s right! Everyday for the last 19 years we have spent our time, resources and efforts educating and empowering individuals at organizations such as The United States Navy, Medifast Weight Control Center, Cigna Onsite Health, The American Heart Association, Progressive Church and Desert Oasis Healthcare on how to reach optimal levels of health, build resilient mindsets, prevent chronic diseases and make healthy living fun and sustainable.  

Why Work

We’re not your typical health and wellness company. We don’t believe wellness looks the same for everyone. Instead, we listen attentively to the challenges and barriers of our clients and from there, we tailor our services to meet their individual needs. No one size fits all wellness approach on our watch.  We’re committed to only produce personalized health and wellness services and products. 

How Can We Keep Your

Wellness Classes and Workshops

During our interactive and engaging wellness lunch and learns, we teach the principles of health, nutrition, resilience, sleep, mindshift changes, behavior change, fitness and so much more! No boring powerpoints, just engaged learning and fun.

Keynote Wellness Presentations

Whether it’s chronic disease prevention, minority women’s health, physician burnout or the power of resilience, our dynamic keynote wellness presentations will leave your audience with energy, inspiration and knowledge on how to make healthy living sustainable, enjoyable and relevant.

Corporate Wellness Consulting

We understand the importance of good health and what it means to your employees and your company. Therefore it is our mission to assess the health culture of your company, gather important health data and employee interest surveys. From there, we plan, design and implement interactive and exciting evidence-based wellness programs, fitness events and wellness workshops to engage your employees.

Turn-Key Health & Wellness Programs

Our turn-key health and wellness programs were designed for busy companies who desire to prioritize their employees or patients’ health, but they don’t have the time, resources or educational background to plan, implement and evaluate health and wellness programs. Therefore, we’ve done the work for you with our turn-key wellness programs!

Curated Wellness Content

Educate your audience, drive brand awareness and show your expertise with our evidence-based and engaging packaged wellness content. Add your logo, post and that’s it! You stay busy running your business, let us stay busy providing you with wellness content that keeps your audience well.

Health and Wellness Books

Provide your employees or patients with evidence-based, easy to read and informational health and wellness content in the forms of digital and hardcopy books that will help drive better health outcomes, teach the principles of fitness and so much more!


Our wellness content will inform you, excite you and help you make healthy living fun and sustainable! 

Join us weekly and monthly for content designed to keep you well!

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